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Electronic EQUIPMENT Insurance

Get electronics insurance.
You choose the items, we cover the rest.


Insure your electrical appliances. Choose your items and stack their cover.

Apple TV Insurance

Why should I get electronics insurance with StackIt?

Why insure the contents of your entire home when what you’re really after is on-demand cover for your favourite items at lower premiums?

With StackIt you can do exactly that. Cover your favourite electronics and specify the amount you want them covered for. Whether it’s physical damage or theft, we’re here to help.

What is covered under electronic equipment insurance?

StackIt’s electronics insurance covers devices from any brand. Insure your televisions, cameras, audio equipment, home electronics and more. You choose the items, we cover the rest. It’s flexible comprehensive cover, stacked your way.

Electronics Insurance

The perks of electronics insurance

  • Our comprehensive electronics insurance policy covers your items while at home or anywhere in South Africa
  • Get competitive premiums based on the number of insured items
  • Conveniently claim, add, and review your electronic equipment insurance policy 24/7 on WhatsApp 
  • Insure your electronics against theft, loss, and damage, giving you peace of mind
  • Only pay for the items you choose to insure

Our gaming insurance plans

Most home insurance plans cover the contents of your entire home, leaving you to pay a fortune for things that don’t matter. With StackIt, you don’t have to insure grandma’s old tea set or the furniture you’ve been itching to get rid of.

Get at home insurance that protects exactly what you need it to. Benefit from comprehensive coverage for the items you’ve insured against damage, theft and loss.

These days, we’re always on the go with expensive items in our pockets or bag. Be it your phone, tablet, smartwatch, or laptop, we often need these items each and every day. You also never know what unforeseen incidents can happen. StackIt has you covered anywhere in South Africa – what a bonus!

Got more questions about Electronics Insurance?

Please contact us to find out more about how it works and the T&Cs.