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Flexible cover, your way.

Protect your favourite stuff.
Choose your items and stack their cover

What makes StackIt different?

Most home insurance covers the contents of your entire home. And you pay an entire fortune for that. With StackIt, you don’t have to insure grandma’s old tea set or that furniture you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Stack your favourite items for cover – insure the items you deem valuable to you and you’ll only pay for the items you’ve stacked.

Finally, its flexible insurance that keeps you in control while protecting your stuff and your pocket.

The benefits of StackIt

Insurance on your terms

You get to choose which items you’d like to insure and save on your premium.

Super easy claims

It’s never been easier to claim. Simply WhatsApp us.

24-hour convenience

You can contact us on WhatsApp 24/7. No call centre’s needed.

How StackIt Cover works

Don’t want to insure all your household content?

But want to insure selected items?

Simply fill in the form and only pay insurance on your preferred items

Add items, claim and manage your policy via WhatsApp

Frequently asked questions

How do I claim?
Simply WhatsApp us on +27 600 444 642, email us on info@stackit.insure or call us on 087 550 3496.
How is my premium calculated?
Your premium is calculated based on the type of item you have insured and the amount you have insured it for.
When am I covered?
You are covered from the moment your cover is active.
How do I edit my policy or insure more items?

Simply WhatsApp us on +27 600 444 642, email us on info@stackit.insure or call us on 087 550 3496 to edit your policy. Adding new items can be done through our website or via Whats App or our call centre.

Am I covered for the full value of my items?
Yes! You are covered for the full value of your item but it is your responsibility to make sure we know what the value of your item is.
Am I covered against theft, loss and damage?
Yes! You can claim in the event of theft, loss or damage.
What can I cover?

Appliances, Electronics, Furniture, Gaming Equipment, Laptops and PCs, Tablets and Kindles, Sports Equipment, Sound equipment, Bags and Shades, Clothing and Kicks, Bling and Bicycles.

Are my personal details secure?

Everything is private and confidential. None of your information will be shared or sold.